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Sealed Bag is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of Woven Polypropylene Sacks in the Middle East and Africa, employing state of art European technologies and and the best raw material.
Sealed Bag has been able to export its high quality products to over 30 countries across 5 continents. 
Woven Polypropylene sacks

Sealed Bag offers a wide range of woven sack specifications. Our range includes lightweight and heavyweight woven polypropylene sacks in standard sizes or made to customer order. The sizes range from a width of 35 cm (13.77") to 70 cm (27.55") and a length that ranges from 35 cm (13.77") to 150 cm (59.055"). 


Flexographic and rotogravure printing are available upto 8 colors. Using the best Italian technologies our high quality and precision printing has enabled us to supply our customers with the best presentation for their products. 

Laminated Sacks

Paper lamination (Poly-paper)

We use extendible sacks Kraft paper for superior lamination that maintains longer storage durations, preserves against humidity and guarantees less wear & tear.


Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) lamination

BOPP lamination provides excellent clarity, high tensile strength, good dimensional stability and flatness, low electrostatic charge and a water proof quality.


PP Lamination

PP lamination layer is also available for better preservation of packed products at a low cost.

Conversion and Shaping

Sealed Bag offers a variety of sack conversion and shaping options. For all types of sacks single and double sewing is available; in addition to thermal bottom sealing. Gusseted and pillow shape bags are also available for  laminated sacks. 


Polypropylene Dunnage Airbags
Air bag

A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), jumbo, bulk bag is an industrial container made of PP fabric that is designed for storing and transporting products such as sand, fertilizer, chemicals, minerals, seeds, grains, food products and granules of plastic.

We also produce polypropylene airbags. They are used in shipping containers to protect fragile and breakable products. sizes are customizable.

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